Kiosco 4

4.7/5 (3 Reviews)

Kiosk 4 is the place to sunbathe and swim naked but also meet other swingers and nude bathers from all over the world. Enjoy a beer naked in the bar and get in contact with others.

There are several kiosks after the beach but kiosk 4 is the place to be if you are open to new contacts. Often people usually meet at the kiosk at 15 o'clock to take something to drink and talk to others. People are often nice and happy to invite others into discussions. A place definitely worth visiting.

Froken Pippa Sweden

Great place for beeing natural nude and meet with new friends for short experiences.
Naturistparet Sweden

Perfect place to meet other people or just enjoy a quiet day at the beach. We love it and meet many friends there.