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Artika Natura Suites is centrally located in Maspalomas, surrounded by a wide range of leisure opportunities and allows you to experience the highest level of luxury and detail.

The Artika Natura hotel resort was designed and decorated by its owner, Richard Blok, who distinguish themselves from other hotels by the careful design and selection of materials, that combined with the harmony between naturism, creates a peaceful and unique environment of well-being.

Day guest are welcome to a price of 42,50 Euro/ person. Included in the price is a 25 Euro voucher valid for a lunch in the pool bistro or drinks in the bar.

 Phone +34 928 988 568

KHLondon Sweden

If this review helps prevent other guests from making the same mistake, it would be worth posting our experience. Apologies for it’s lengthiness :-) As first time guests, we arrived at Artika Natura Hotel on the evening of the 12th September for what should have been a “luxurious” (their words) holiday. To our utter astonishment we were shown to our room via a murky water logged corridor, past a bunch of mops and hoses, facing the back of the hotel, opposite a 12ft wall! Not the lovely poolside views that they happily display on their website and certainly no mentions of any rooms facing a huge wall! Our hearts immediately sank. Feel free to view my photographs and video attached to this review. The following morning, we heard a conversation with a guest (with pool view room) who was leaving the next day so we thought this would be an ideal opportunity to request his room. When we emailed customer service (Martijn), our request was immediately declined, apparently “another guest had requested this room”, and that we “should have requested a room by the pool at the time of our reservation”. Odd as this advice seems to contradict their very own terms and conditions (clause 1.2) which says “We will always take care of your special inquiries and / or requests. However, a request is not a guarantee, this always depends on the availability of the room. We never give a guarantee in advance for special room numbers”. Despite trawling their website again and again, we could see nothing demonstrating what he claimed. Given this, it seems a miracle to have had any choice of room at all! Martijn clearly getting frustrated and becoming dismissive, also insisted that our complaint with the hotel was to do with “not getting a bungalow by the pool”, however what he failed to understand was that it was in fact about not being given the choice to choose when we first made the reservation. At the time we booked, had we been offered the choice between a pool view and a 12ft wall view room (all at the same cost, mind!) the decision would have been clear and we would have had the choice accept or decline. For example would one pay the same cost for what you think is a good seat at theatre then find your allocated seat and view is obscured by a large pillar? Despite giving Martijn every opportunity to rectify the situation, He was adamant there was nothing more that he could do for us, and in that room we had to stay. Spending 9 days of our precious holiday in a room that faced a massive wall wasn’t how we want to spend our long awaited break. Unbelievably they gave us no option or support at all. So we finally left the hotel to find more suitable accommodation. We left the property 2 days later. Martijn has since point blank refused to refund us, clutching at straws and steadfastly sticking to his very loose story and so in the meantime we have made a charge back and the money we saved hard for our trip sits with him and Artika… For the last 20 years, my husband and I have travelled all over the world visiting and returning to some of the most beautiful and wonderful naturist resorts including the stunning Skinny Dippers in Majorca, Hidden Beach in Mexico even Gloria right here in Gran Canaria, all with wonderful customer service, the difference is night and day. Artika is also in the middle of nowhere you will have to take a cab to get to either Meloneras or Playa del Ingles, otherwise you are kinda stuck in hotel. There is a positive out of this (!) Stephanie and Miriam who work there are utterly amazing and expect a very warm and friendly welcome from them both (maybe Martijn should be taking a leaf out of their book!). However don’t expect great customer service at HQ should you find yourself in the back quarters, I would say try and request a pool side view room though you might get scuppered by clause 1.2!
M&R Sweden

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